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Best Golf Irons for Beginners 2022

If you have recently developed a passion for golf, getting started, especially with the complexity of the golf equipment might not be an easier feat to achieve. However, with the right equipment using the latest technologies to help the beginners, you can make that happen. To help you with that, we are bringing our list of the 5 best golf irons for beginners in 2022.

The article contains detailed reviews of the five best golf irons for beginners to intermediate available in the market. We have ranked them based on their various features by comparing the forgiveness, accuracy, handling, and overall performance of the individual golf irons.

Also, we have considered factors such as value for the money, durability, performance, and made a swift comparison of all five products in the table coming ahead to give you more insight into the best golf irons for average golfers in the market.

While you must be desperately waiting for it, let us bring you the product comparison first and then the detailed reviews of the best golf irons for beginners in 2022.

Best Golf Irons for Beginners 2022 – Reviews

The following are our reviews of the Best Golf Irons in 2022 with their features discussed in detail, pros, and cons:

1.    MAZEL Golf Individual Iron for Men Review:

MAZEL Golf Individual Iron

While pros might disagree since MAZEL Golf Individual Iron is not a product discussed a lot in their circles, this is a product that is made for accuracy and easy launch making it perfect for beginners. The improved accuracy comes the design with a larger sweet spot and when compared with other top brands, Mazel Golf Iron offers a great deal for prices versus features.

If you have been facing problems with your launch, this best golf iron for beginners makes that easier for you with a lower centre of gravity allowing you to hit the ball higher. Plus, the focus on ergonomics is pretty evident since the product comes with a high-performance rubber grip ensuring better handling improving the chances of hitting the ball higher with better accuracy.

MAZEL Golf Individual Iron for Men’s design has seen further improvements with a shock-absorbing and anti-slip rubber grip that makes you so much better at controlling the ball speed. Though unlike Callaway’s Mavrik, we haven’t seen any use of AI for improved reflexes that is something you can expect from the best golf iron under 50 bucks.

Moreover, MAZEL Golf Individual Iron might is the best golf iron for forgiveness in this price range allowing you to launch the ball higher and straighter and you will be scoring much better eventually. In short, the product focuses on improving your overall golf performance by bringing a larger sweet spot for accuracy and forgives.

As for the shaft, it is a single length iron that is designed to improve the distance and trajectory of the shots. This iron club isn’t heavier making it easier for the beginners to hit their shots, though it would put that on the risk of a bit more handle swaying than usual, especially when the wind speed is too high.

It further makes improvements in the design with an ergonomic rubber grip giving you more control over your shots without getting worried about slipping at all. However, for seasoned players, the lofting might be a little too much, though it will still be able to achieve better height than most iron clubs you have used.

Why should I buy MAZEL Golf Individual Iron for Men?

It is due to the following top features we think Mazel Individual Iron for Men is the best golf iron of the year:

  • Improves accuracy, trajectory, and accuracy for beginners with an innovative design
  • Brings a much better and affordable golf iron option for players with a low budget
  • The larger sweet spot and low centre of gravity for improved accuracy
  • A lightweight golf iron that allows better shot handling for beginners and prosMAZEL Golf Individual Iron buy or not
The Good
  • Great accuracy and handling
  • The anti-slip rubber grip
  • The most affordable golf iron
  • The best single-length iron option
  • The larger sweet spot and one-piece face
The Bad
  • Loft’s a bit too much
  • Not very durable

golf club amazon

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2.    Callaway Golf 2022 Mavrik Max Individual Iron Review:

A brand like Callaway is the choice of professionals and it is for a few very good reasons. The innovation in design while combining the traditional and new technology-based elements for improved performance that no other manufacturer seems to achieve. However, this particular spot was given to the product based on its expensive price range that beginners wouldn’t prefer.

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Individual

So the new Callaway Golf 2022 Mavrik Max Individual Iron now introduces the use of AI in the making of a golf iron for the first time in the sport’s history. This new artificial intelligence works to improve the ball reflexes and speed with the 360 Face Cup that is a feat no other brand has ever introduced before. Also, a new architecture has been introduced to improve the loft and spin significantly.

The use of AI has enabled room for further improvements such as the new Flash Face Technology backed by a unique architecture so that every loft feels different while hitting. This new architecture brings a robust design that brings a whole new level when it comes to spinning the ball and hitting it with increased speed.

Not just that, the launch has also been improved a lot with the Tungsten Energy Core that has tungsten weights infused in the design. Due to this, the CG position becomes very easy to locate which leads to extraordinary precision that you don’t see with the other products. The launch then becomes optimal without having to compromise the ball speed or height at all.

Another feature that makes Callaway Golf 2022 Mavrik Max Individual Iron the best golf iron under 300 is the shock-absorbing handle with the patented urethane microspheres that absorb all the vibrations after hitting a shot giving you an amazing feel without putting any pressure on your wrist. This Mavrik Max is at its best with forgiveness and launches to a greater distance with a deeper CG.

Callaway Golf 2022 Mavrik Max Individual Iron comes in three editions. The longest iron is incorporated in the standard edition for greater distance and ball speed using the AI. The second edition Mavrik Max aims to achieve better forgiveness and launch while the third one Mavrik Pro has all what the other two feature for complete professional playing experience.

Why should I buy Callaway Golf 2022 Mavrik Max Individual Iron?

The following features make Callaway Mavrik 2022 Golf Iron the best we have:

  • Three editions for achieving faster ball speed, forgiveness, distance, and control
  • The Mavrik Pro allows you to achieve a complete player profile featuring all technologies
  • The whole point for this innovative design is the game improvement for pros
  • These best golf irons are available for both left and right-handed players
  • The graphite material used in the construction offers the most durable golf club experience

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Max Individual good and bad

golf club amazon

The Good
  • Durable and innovative design
  • Maximum forgiveness and launch
  • Increased ball speed and distance
  • The optimal launch and complete shock absorption
  • Three different editions
The Bad
  • A bit expensive for beginners

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3.   TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons Review:

When golfers ask about it, the Callaway alternative that mostly we suggest is TaylorMade because when it comes to using advanced technology in making a better overall performing golf iron, this is the brand you can trust. For this list, the next product we are offering is TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons Series that introduced the Echo Damping System and Speed Bridge Technology.

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

Speed Bridge Technology has open the doors to achieving maximum forgiveness and control by bringing top of the line golf iron. Not just the forgiveness, you can now hit shots at improved distances with the sound and feel you might have never experienced in this price range. Though Callaway does this job better that is at the cost of an expensive price range that many golfers might not want to pay.

To improve the overall performance, the TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons use the Inverted Core Technology which is quite progressive bringing a larger sweet spot for improved accuracy. Also, it allows you to hit the ball straighter by minimizing the sidespin that usually leads to mishit shots. Even when you have mishit the ball, it would reduce the sidespin to keep the ball as straight as possible.

The patented Speed Pocket technology used in this best golf iron series ensures maximum flexibility that would increase both ball speed and forgiveness even for the low face strikes. As for the Echo Damping System, it gives you a unique feel from heel to toe while reducing maximum vibrations delivering a premium playing experience, and achieves greater shot distances.

While TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons offer a pretty perfect deal, it can get confusing while choosing different iron club sizes so make sure that you are careful with that.

Why should I buy TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons?

  • One of the smarter and best golf irons with echo damping and speed bridge technologies
  • Now achieve better forgiveness, ball speed, and distances while maintaining precision
  • TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons provide a game improving solution for the beginners
  • These lightweight irons help beginners in improving their launch and gain more control
  • The perfect golf iron package suitable for men and women golfers both professional & amateur

TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons good and bad

golf club amazon

The Good
  • Improved distance and precision
  • Better forgiveness and control
  • Speed Pocket for more flexibility
  • The ultra-thin yet larger sweet spot
  • Minimize sidespin with ease for straighter shots
The Bad
  • Sways away easily in faster wind speed

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4.   Callaway Golf Apex Irons Set 2019 Review:

The Callaway Golf Apex Irons Set put out in 2019 by your favourite brand didn’t feature the AI as one of the models on this list have, however, it still brought the perfect golf iron package with the premium craftsmanship. As a result, you got the best golf iron of the year in 2019 that still holds out for high-quality performance, innovative design, and durability that is still premium to this date.

Callaway Golf Apex Irons

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Besides the new Flash Face Technology coming from the AI-based design of the Callaway Mavrik, Callaway Golf Apex Irons Set 2019 has everything else such as the tungsten-infused weights, multi-material construction, and forged steel body with a shock-absorbing handle that delivered the premium golfing feel people still enjoy.

You can still achieve reflexes and released second to none with the 360 Face Cup that has been designed around the face that significantly increases the ball speed and also hits it with the improved accuracy. The spin control VFT has been incorporated in the shorter designs to gain more spin on the ball and to hit aggressive shots allowing you to score more points.

The multi-material construction and smart design brings one of the best golf irons in the world that delivers a premium sound and feel while hitting the ball. Also, it is one of the best value golf irons for handicappers with urethane microspheres and speed pockets for improving the flexibility and improving launch for an improved golfing experience.

Not just that, there has been a huge price reduction so if you missed out on the Callaway Golf Apex Irons Set 2019 experience last year, this is your chance to do right now this year.

Why should I buy Callaway Golf Apex Irons Set 2019?

The following major features make Callaway Golf Apex Irons Set an excellent choice:

  • The premium craftsmanship for a durable build with forged steel construction
  • An ideal golf iron set for beginners and professionals with 15 degrees loft
  • The beautiful platinum chrome finish crafted beautifully for a premium feel
  • Faster ball speeds and great flight with the 360 Face Cup
  • Better handling and accurate shots due to the larger sweet spot

Callaway Golf Apex Irons Good and bad

golf club amazon

The Good
  • Optimal ball flight
  • Better forgiveness and control
  • Spin control with the VFT face
  • For aggressive shots
  • Long-distance ball hitting
The Bad
  • Could be more forgiving
  • Performance upgrade needed for the handicapped

Product Link:

5.   Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set Review:

Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set has a unique set of features that would earn it a separate spot on any list for ranking the best golf irons in 2022 and also in 2022 as well. Some of those features are Harmonic Impact Technology, Flow Tampered Blade, and Copper Underlay that brings an enhanced impact feel and sound that has created a separate fan base for the brand.

Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set

The search for the best golf irons made us come back to the unique performance of this set who flow tampered blade enables the players to achieve a higher launch with a lower COG iron. Not just that, even with the lower launch, you can gain great flight heights with precision and accuracy for scoring higher than your competition.

The Harmonic Impact Technology used in Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set has changed the dynamic of the head geometry delivering a premium feel when you’ll hit your shots with an ideal impact feel that is hard to have with other products on this list. Also, due to the unique design, the tolerance of this iron set has been recorded as six times higher than the usual ones used in the sport.

While some of the upper products in the list might be better in the overall performance, people facing lofting issues with those should try Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set that has 21 degrees golf club lofting. Also, it is available at a much better price range as compared to the most Callaway latest and older models.

Though the composite-based construction has introduced a design flaw that leads to low forgiveness and control on the spin so it might not be a suitable deal for the beginners who depend a lot on the support offered by their golf club.

Why should I buy Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set?

The following features of the Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set make it an ideal choice:

  • A set of unique technology such as the Harmonic Impact Technology for a better feel
  • The impact and feel get further improved with the copper underlay
  • Better launch even with the lower COG with the flow tampered blade
  • Improved accuracy and precision for the seasoned player with the latest Mizuno technologies

Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set Good and BAD

golf club amazon

The Good
  • 21 degrees golf club loft
  • Improved feel on impact
  • Great launch with lower COG
  • The innovative design
  • Delivers a consistent playing experience
The Bad
  • Forgiveness needs more work
  • Not suitable for beginners

Product Link: 

Best Golf Irons 2022 – FAQs

1.    What are the best irons for an average golfer?

Answer: The following are our top golf iron recommendations for an average golfer:

  • Mazel Golf Individual Iron
  • Callaway Apex Golf Iron Set
  • TaylorMade M6 Irons

2.    What are the easiest golf irons to hit?

Answer: Based on their lower centre of gravity, lighter weight, and better forgiveness the easiest golf irons to hit are:

  • Mizuno MP-20 Iron Set
  • Mazel Individual Iron Set

3.    What are the most forgiving Titleist irons?

Answer: For the best forgiveness experience with Titleist, we will recommend that you get T400 Series that are great for beginners and average golfers and have major design improvements.


With Mazel Individual Golf Iron and Callaway Mavrik Series as our top recommendations, we shall conclude our list of the best golf irons for beginners in 2022. We hope that this article brought a detailed insight into the products and you were able to clear your mind about which product to choose.

In the end, it all comes down to your budget and if that’s not the problem, you should choose based on your skill level and features such as forgiveness, launch, and accuracy as they suit you.

If we have missed out on any queries that you might have these products, leave us those in the comments section alongside your feedback and we shall answer them as soon as possible.

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